7 Cool Tech Gadgets You Need For Your Office

Technology refers to the tools and machines that are used to improve our basic needs of life such as Mobile phones which are essential during emergency situations. And it is involved in both professional and personal life. The world is getting addicted to the latest technologies in which we can get our needs and requirements easily available.  We can compare the uses of the gadgets by clicking comparisons on thevoiphub.

  1. Keyboard hand device:

The keyboard is a device which is essential for a computer and we can type n no. of words, sentences, and paragraphs with the help of Keyboard.

  1. Smart air purifier:

An air purifier is one of the gadgets which is used widely to get a purified air. We should be considering an air purifier for fresh and healthy air. We can even get purifiers which can be connected to our smartphones so that we can check the quality of the air from our desk.

  1. Drinks warmer:

Everyone needs a USB powered drinks warmer during the winter time. Working like a heated coaster, this device will keep our morning at the perfect temperature.

  1. Digitized pen:

If we prefer making notes by hand, but then need to share them or type them out again – this product will help us. Making life in the office easier, smart pens are the answer to all our digitized notes despairs.

  1. Wi-Fi Scanner:

We can scan our important documents with a Wi-Fi scanner. These are the perfect addition to our office environment which is available in cordless and obviously less bulky than a regular photocopier.

  1. Wind up Shredder:

Wind-up shredder is a simple solution to our shredding needs. It is an inexpensive device. We can use a slim-lined wind-up gadget to sort out our desk of cluttered documents. It’s cheap and one techy product that doesn’t need electrical power.

  1. Screen mounts:

Screen mounts will help us to work in the different screen that is monitors at one time. This will help us to save time and thus we can do our work in a very short span of time as it allows to connect laptop or mobiles to our system.…

Online Fitness Coach – Should You Hire a Virtual Trainer in 2018?

Do you want to learn a foreign language? Check for online tutors. Do you want to get a diploma degree by sitting at home? Apply for an online course. Do you want to be trained in fitness? Then, that too search for an online fitness coach. The internet has the solution to “almost” every requirement of yours.

An online trainer is someone who will guide you regarding your workout practices over the phone or through an online chat and will charge you based on each consultation. You get to discuss your fitness goals and get a to-do list prepared by your trainer, which you can do either at home or by visiting a gym and then reporting your progress back to the trainer. Check out Movomovo.com for some new forms of exercises and fitness programs to help you manage your weight. However, the question is should you be hiring a virtual trainer for your physical fitness lessons in 2018? The best way to answer this would be by categorizing who would benefit from an online coach and who would not.

Suitable For

  • Online trainers are great for people who have their own personal gym set up in their homes and just want some basic tips.
  • It is ideal for people who do not have the time or are making excuses to walk to the gym and back home.
  • It is great for people who just need the right motivational tips and are capable of doing the rest by them.
  • Online trainers charge a good deal of fees. So, if you are ready to shell out a good amount of money, then choose a virtual trainer.
  • Online trainers can be chosen if you are looking for flexibility in your workout regime.

Not Suitable For

  • It is not for those who want to hear lectures but actually needs a personal trainer by their side telling them what to do, how it is done, and why it needs to be done.
  • Online fitness coach can be very expensive but less expensive than a personal trainer can. Hence, if you do not have the budget, then this option is definitely not for you.
  • You cannot rely on an online coach if you need someone to be held accountable for what you do.
  • You cannot approach an online coach with the hopes of getting in-person support.

4 Tech Tips Before Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are defined as a decentralized cryptocurrency that is used as a currency in electronic transactions, cryptocurrencies have really changed our usage of currencies and how people pay for items and invest in markets. We’ve noticed the skyrocketing popularity in the drastic price increases of over 1000% from less than 1,000 dollars in 2016 to almost 20,000 in December 2017, the sudden surge in value caused people to start putting their money into cryptocurrency investments. To this day, hedge funds, banks, normal investors falling victim to the fear of missing out are now trying to get into the cryptocurrency rage.

Now is cryptocurrencies (and cryptocurrency icos) good options for investments in 2018? We’ve written this great article with 4 tech tips to look into before investing into a cryptocurrency.

As of now, the most defining chrematistic of cryptocurrencies are their resemblance to bubbles, world economists have called Bitcoin the “Mother of all Bubbles”, and for sure, Bitcoin has certainly for a while gotten larger than the dot-com and tulip bubbles in the 2000’s and 1500’s Netherlands, this is essentially a truth for practically all market analysts, many of whom have been completely going bananas over the potential “end of the paper and check” based world, however, those who have studied cryptocurrencies in-depth will know the truth of the situation and not panic. The new investment opportunities created have been endless and will continue to be endless.

The most basic tenet of cryptocurrencies to understand is the importance of security.

One of the most serious problems in cryptocurrencies are data security, in the recent news, we’ve seen the effect of attacks on exchange platforms like Binance which led to the theft of assets worth millions of dollars. Make sure to understand this fundamental tenet.…

The 3 Keys To Driving Customer Experience Into Your Digital Transformation

The cheap flyer printing Glasgow is not the method to get customers for your business anymore. Today is the digital age and you need to adopt technology to be able to market your business.

In order to understand how the digital transformation is done your company should be able to take care of some challenges. There are many hurdles and each organization will have its own challenges.

The three challenges that a business faces to drive the experience of their customers into digital transformation:

A lack of strategy – The confusion that arises is that who has to actually create a strategy for customer experience and what exactly should be in it. Not having a strategy for the experience of your customers will impact the transformation. It is important that all of them are on the same page.

Embrace the change – Companies have to change as pretechnological changes. It is a must to accept this change and start to use it. The business should have its process in the right place to embrace the changes of new digital technology. Sometimes it is about the internal processes that need to get altered to keep up with the marketplace. Asa business owner your company should be able to accept and implement the technological changes.

Measuring success If you implement a great strategy but your metrics are not in place then you will never know if the strategy is perfect or not. Although it is important that you implement a new digital strategy understand the analytics and only them implement the new technology.

These three points are the major challenges and the business has to implement them in order to drive

the experience of their customers. The major roadblock that companies have to overcome is the challenges and the lack of communication. Ifthecommunicationis good then all will be on the same page and it will be beneficial for the business as a whole to reach out to its customers in the most modern technological ways.

How Modern Technology is bringing Sailing to the Masses in 2018

The year 2018 sees many new things especially in the maritime industry with ship owners and liner operators, on-board operations, passenger entertainment, latest editing and data transmission apps, etc. you may think what exactly could be the new shipping trends in the year 2018 and the later ones to come? Imagine arched tops that prevent the cockpits to keep out main-sheets – this is now getting common alongside tinted glasses, spacious garages, and sophisticated features including latest gadgets and electronics for passenger entertainment.

Digital Switching: This system in boats make sure the platform is monitored on tablets or smartphones.  Several different ship powerhouses are unveiling latest trends and new constructions that boast their revamped stays & facilities, tweaked cockpits, and styled deck layouts. Last September, Jeanneaus showcased latest successors of the Phillippe Briand 440 & 490 ship designs at the Cannes. They got the audiences attention in plenty who also appreciated the new line-ups from Beneteau. However, the crowd puller was the super slim Oceanis 51.1 with its sleek design that attracted the masses. Others showcased at the Cannes included a successor of Grand Large 350 – model 360 with modified interiors and ship deck. Dufouor Yachts also unveiled the catamaran at a height of 48 feet.

With all of these pictures, frenzy, and footage out it throws a huge competition between them. Some view it as a healthy development in the making as there is now a wider choice to purchase a luxury yacht or large boat. The world’s leading ship sellers and largest ship sale brokers and advisers get buyers flocking to the shipping market. Many world-class leading luxury yachts are bought from 4yacht.com that has a wide range of boats of all sizes to buy. All this vividly proves how the latest ship designs and style are getting to the masses in 2018.

How Technology Will Change Our Lives in Big Ways in the Next 10 Years

Learning about technology is so much fun. trulycoin.com is one website that talks to you about the most interesting side of technology. If we look at technology it has been explosively progressing in the last few years. So how will it change our lives in the next ten years?

Cloud computing would change the way we store data

As there is more and more data being consumed and fed to the internet people are looking for more space for storage. Be it an individual user or an organization there is always the need for scalable storage and Cloud storage is the perfect answer to this. Cloud storage would also bring the ease of accessing data from anywhere. Data backup and recovery would also be made simpler.

Blockchain would improve the security

When there is so much data being handled incorporating a security system would be critical. This is where Blockchain comes into the picture. Instead of having a centralized database Blockchain creates a decentralized system which is transparent.

IoT would connect devices and the users

IoT would help users communicate with their devices and allow the devices to communicate with each other. By incorporation of sensors in the various appliances and gadgets around the house, users would be able to track the status and control their appliances remotely.

The workplace of the future would be so much different from what it is today

The workplace of the future is all set to become more employee friendly. Telecommuting is becoming a trend in most organizations. Businesses now understand that an employee friendly convenient workplace can help improve the productivity of the employees. So besides focusing on the customers alone, businesses now focus also on the employees.

Technology has been bringing a lot of benefits for the businesses and the end users alike. The next ten years are sure to be big for all of us.…

5 Ways To Improve Your Flashlight

A simple entity called the flashlight can come handy during the different situations and therefore, apart from procuring the suitable one, you should also utilize and care the procured one suitably so that it serves the purposes rightly! Here, we share with you the 5 important ways to improve your flashlight that would allow you to enjoy your flashlight in a much better way and of course, for a longer duration!

  • Sometimes, you might especially love a flashlight, just because it has come to you as a gift! Yes, my wife got me the best flashlight for my birthday and that, I would say, one of the best gifts I received ever! So, how can I be careless with it? Therefore, I ensure that I never store the flashlight at high temperatures to avoid the possible battery leakage and, as well as the faulty operation or breakage of the device!
  • I ensure, I always use the appropriate batteries intended for it or the ones recommended by the manufacturer to improve the performance and, as well as the longevity of the flashlight. Also, never ever mix-match the batteries that might interrupt with the perfect functioning of the flashlight.
  • If you are not planning to use the flashlight for a longer duration then, it is better to remove the batteries to avoid possible leakage!
  • Particularly if you are not a technical person, do not try repairing the flashlight by yourself, as it might aggravate the problem further or beyond the repairable condition! Approach the manufacturer or the intended technical experts to get your faulty flashlight back in shape and form!
  • Not only using the right batteries is important, also using them in the right way is important, especially understanding the polarity of the battery and loading it in the right way! It is because the reverse polarity might damage the device, perhaps, beyond the recoverable condition!

The Ways Social Media Marketers Can Leverage Marketing Technology

It was forecasted years back that social media will eventually take over as the marketing medium for all the future startups or prospects. It’s no surprise that the revolution is happening now, and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon slowly. Therefore, as the market becomes more competitive day by day, strategies should be changed as per the needs. Brands are spending more money on social media advertisements than before, and thus, following are some of the greatest ways of leveraging marketing technology by social media marketers.

Techniques For Using Marketing Technologies In The Best Ways Possible

  • Knowing The Current Trends

Especially for brands, knowing the current trends that are driving that specific market, is important. Trends can be found on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Many brands resort to sketchy methods such as Kommentare Instagram kaufen or proceed towards paid likes. Even though these methods can be useful for short-term needs, these ways can’t be used for long-term marketing needs. Therefore, knowing the trends is very much necessary.

  • Knowing The Product That Will Create Engagement With The Audience

With the help of Facebook marketing tools, brands nowadays can keep on eye on products that create the most engagement with the audience. In that way, brands can only push for products that seem more logical for the customers, and also the products that customers will like the most.

  • Using Ad Benchmarks To Know The Effectiveness Of Paid Marketing

These days, paid content or sponsored content are rising on social media. Therefore, with the use of Advertisement Benchmarks, brands can compare their results, such as engagements or reach in terms of total social media spending. In that way, it would be easy to know whether they overpaid or underpaid compared to their competitors.

  • Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Various brands are using AI to perform day to day typical tasks and the main marketing team concentrating on more serious and important decisions and tasks. In this way, a lot of time could be saved by just using automation and algorithms, so that more time could be invested in the ways that actually benefit the overall brand reputation and awareness.

Siteground v/s Hostgator Shared Hosting Plans Comparison

Shared Hosting is web hosting in which the service provider serves pages for multiple websites, each having its own internet domain name from a single web server. SiteGround and Hostgator are major competitors in the web hosting industry offering various services and packages to suit the requirements of different types of customers.

In this comparison, we will look at Hostgator and Siteground differences along with similarities in their offerings. SiteGround website shows that they have 3 packages available for shared hosting plans. Each package has better features than the previous and along with the increase features, there is an increase of price. The three packages that SiteGround offers for shared hosting are StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. The names itself suggest that these packages are for different types of businesses in terms of size and the stage of that business.


Hostgator too has 3 packages which are Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan which are also named for people to have a rough idea about what kind of business is each package suited for before moving on to checking out the specifications.

Now that we have got the names of the packages out of the way, let us focus on the features that these packages come with. The StartUp package from SiteGround offers the operation of one website along with 10 GB web space and suitability traffic of 10,000 unique visitors per month.

On the other hand, the Hatchling plan from Hostgator too has an unmetered bandwidth. Both these packages support only one domain. However, Hostagtor has a better money back guarantee period of 45-days over Siteground’s 30-day guarantee. Hostgator also offers auto daily backup to keep your work secure and safe.

The second plan from SiteGround is the GrowBig plan. This plan allows multiple websites, has 20GB web space, capable of attracting 25000 unique visitors per month. The premium features that you can get with thus package is priority technical support, SuperCacher for greater speed and free backup restoring. The Baby plan from Hostgator too allows many domains. It offers unmetered bandwidth as well.

Moving on to the third and final package, SiteGround has the GoGeek package and Hostgator has the Business plan. The GoGeek package from SiteGround offers multiple website operation, 30GB web space and can attract 100,000 unique visitors per month. Just like the GrowBig plan this one also does have premium features such as priority technical support, SuperCacher for greater speed and free backup restoring. Furthermore, this package also has a set of Geeky Advanced features such as fewer accounts on server, PCI Compliant servers, WordPress and Joomla Staging and free backups on demand.

All three plan from SiteGround comes with free site transfer, free website builder, 24/7 support, SSD storage, 30-days money back guarantee, free email accounts, free auto daily backups, unmetered traffic & free SSL certification.

Meanwhile, Hostgator too has a set of features that are common to all three of their shared hosting features. Those features include free site transfer, free domain transfer and free website builder. Furthermore, it also offers automatic weekly off-site data backups.

When considering setup speed and flexibility, SiteGround claims that it only takes 3 clicks to setup a new site with them and they call their client to guide them through the process.

Both companies claim to offer 99.99% uptime. Speaking of Uptime, it is now time to see the performance scores that the services from both brands managed to score.

When considering performance, the three factors that are taken into account are page load speed and uptime. In a test conducted, the time recorded for the average page load speed was 3.11 seconds for Hostgator and 3.19 seconds for SiteGround. The best page load time recorded was 1.88 seconds for Hostgator and 2.31 seconds for SiteGround. According to the times recorded it shows that Hostgator is ahead of SiteGround when it comes to page load speed.

The next performance measure is for Uptime. The average uptime for Hostgator is 99.97% and the average for SiteGround 99.96%. The worst uptime for Hostgator is 96.78% whereas the worst for SiteGround is 94.43%. The figures for uptime show that Hostgator has the upper hand once again in uptime results as well.

The features offered by packages from both brands are fairly …

The Ultimate Drone Camera Technology

The technology behind drone cameras is advancing at such a fast pace that it has contributed much to innovations. Moreover, with the drone technology touching a wide variety of industries including agriculture, real estate, logistics, agriculture, small businesses, and industries, drone camera technology is finding a new place in the hands of many including photographers, business persons, cinematographers, and others.

There are different types of drone cameras that are available. Some of which can be used only indoors, while some can be used only outdoors. Yet there are others that can do very limited and basic functions and others that do more than just the basic operations. Therefore, if you need a drone go here and you will not have to think twice about your purchase.

Some of the advantages of the drone camera technology are:

  1. A full autonomous view of the target object
  2. Captures images and videos which even a professional cameraman cannot do with his DSLR
  3. Gives accurate knowledge about the target object and target location
  4. Easily adjustable camera settings
  5. Picture and video quality is outstanding
  6. Value addition to the work quality and style
  7. Excellent flight capabilities hence have a higher tolerance to harsher environments
  8. Very useful for discrete photography and videos, hence finds use in several fields including military, government, journalism, and others

However, the drone camera has its fair share of disadvantages as well, which include:

  1. Limited flexibility
  2. Expert and professional operation of the system

In short, drone cameras or drone camera technology will never be outdated as the minor barriers that currently revolve around the drone cameras are sure to fade away with the present and future research & development. Moreover, with the growing application of the smaller drone systems that are highly suitable for most situations where time is of the essence, drone camera technology has a wide scope. Additionally, the thinking capacity of microdrones is displaying immense potential in several fields including organizing and executing rescue & search missions under different weather conditions.…