5 Best Weight Loss Gadgets for 2019

Smartwatches:  In 2019 there would see the market flooded with a wide range of advanced version of smartwatches.  A smartwatch helps in monitoring your weight changes.   It helps in measuring the appropriate weight you should maintain according to your height.  According they help in achieving your workout goals.  The advanced versions would allow you to transfer these data to your computer and share your workout related information to your friends.

Improved treadmills:  The year 2019 would see a wide range of improved treadmills.  The existing treadmills have the disadvantages of the small screen, difficulty in speed control and the belts are not so smooth that causes pressure to knee bones and muscles.  But in 2019, treadmills will be introduced with 32 inches wide screen which can be used while doing the workout.  The speed adjustments can be easily done using the knobs fixed on to their sides.  The rubber belts would be enhanced in such a way that work out becomes easy.  The year 2019 would also see a great increase in health awareness.  In addition to work out people would be referring to useful sites like https://helloketodiet.com for consuming healthy keto foods. A combination of work out with healthy diet would ensure people reduce weight and protect their health without getting weak.

Pro-bio Headphones:  These headphones to be introduced in the market in 2019, alert you when your running speed lowers.    These would also provide quick tips on how to make up your speed. These are sweat proof and likely to be more durable than the currently available ones.

Smart shoes:  These futuristic shoes are designed in such a way that the gravitational pull is felt reduced and hence running experience is more enjoyable.  These have built-in shock absorbers to reduce the impact so that legs do not get the strain.  These shoes will have embedded chips and the user can get information on the distance of the run.