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Cool Car Accessories and Gadgets You Should Equip in 2019

With the advent of technology, there are many gadgets which will upgrade one’s riding experience on the road and makes it smoother, enjoyable and safer. All these cool accessories could be purchased from online sites. You could take a look at to know about the availability of these accessories. Below mentioned are a few of the gadgets that have been introduced recently.

Jumpstarter kit- When the car dies down in middle of the highway, it would be quite difficult to find someone to help you jump start the car. The jump starter kit is a battery source that lets you start the car when it dies off by hooking the car’s battery to the kit’s clamps. Also, it could be used as a source of backup power.

Bluetooth plugs- It helps in connecting the Smartphone to the vehicle through Bluetooth. You could easily take the call and play music over the speaker hands-free.

Dashcam- This camera could be used to record a memorable drive and also is quite helpful if you meet with an accident. The camera footage will help in proving the person responsible for the car crash.

Smartphone mount- It helps in making the navigation less stressful. This could be kept within the line of vision rather than looking down constantly at the phone for directions.

USB charger- You will never want your phone to get switched off because of low battery. If you got this USB port in the car, you could easily charge the phone while you drive.

Car adapter- You could plug this device into the car’s onboard diagnostic port which helps you to get all types of data about the vehicle. The device which pairs with the phone using Bluetooth will diagnose engine problems, displays the trip history, lets you know when you have parked the car and so on.