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Top 10 Tips for Managing Kids’ Tech Time

Whether to engage our kids with more tech or not is still a debate. While many parents strongly feel that exposing kids to tech is perfectly all right, some of them strongly forbid it. However, a few others believe that there should be a right balance to everything and that the main control parameter is the time. How much time you should allow your kids to engage in tech gadgets plays a crucial role. Thus, these parents act as the controlling agent in limiting the number of time kids spend on tech and in finding alternatives to manage their kid’s tech time.

Here are some great tips to take your child’s eyes off the screens.

  1. Have you heard of board games, like Snakes and ladders, Ludo, Monopoly, Scrabble, Caroms or Chess? Well if you have played it, then why not introduce them to your kids as well. Check out for some interesting age-appropriate board games that your child will love.
  2. Make sure that everyone in the family, including you, maintains certain tech-free times, such as during meals, prayer, or discussing what the day had in store.
  3. Do not engage in providing your phone or laptops to your child if you see him/her bored while you are busy doing something. Rather throw in some toys or talk to them while working or let them visit your neighbor for some time. Resist the urge.
  4. Do not depend too much on educational apps for your children to learn. They learn when they engage and get involved. Such apps obviously help them perform better but they should not b the only source for performance.
  5. Do the math before getting your child a tech device. Get them one only if it is absolutely important.
  6. In the event you decide to buy a tech device for your child, make sure you set some ground rules, as to when to use it, why to use it, and for how long to use it. Also, make it clear that the gift can be taken back if the terms are broken.
  7. Always make sure to check the settings of the tech device that your child constantly uses. For instance, set up alarms after 60 minutes of continuous screen time, the language of the display content, and if the content is age appropriate.
  8. Earphones or no earphones are again a debate. Whatever you decide, you must ensure that they listen to moderate volumes and view at a minimum distance away from their eyes.
  9. Always maintain a central location where kids can access tech devices and ensure that you do not allow them to barter print time or outdoor playtime with more screen time.
  10. Most importantly, explain the value of maintaining minimal screen time to your kids and why you are adopting so many measures even in this 21st century. It is important for them to understand so that there will come a time when they can better guide themselves.