Here’s How A FitBit Will Help You Lose Weight

So, it is one of my most cherished birthday gifts!

I have always been inclined to sports and a fast-paced lifestyle is what keeps me hooked at all times. I think it is quite easy for someone to decide what exactly I would love to have for the various occasions because most of the times I do get presented with things that help me in my fitness regimen.

Fitbit is what my boyfriend gifted me for my twenty-fifth birthday and I cannot tell you how I was flushing with joy when I unboxed it!

It was on my shopping list for like months and I just found a new excuse to postpone it. I was looking for the company to slash down its price in case they came out with a newer model. I am so excited that he chose the same model and the color that I had planned to gift myself.

Fitbit over a period of six months and odd weeks has helped me understand what exactly it is that my body needs and then stay healthy with these lifestyle changes:

  1. It counts my steps every day. I know that my warm-up is done well when I can walk at least five thousand steps in the morning itself. After that hitting the gym and then walking up the remaining five thousand steps is only a bonus!
  2. Fitbit tells me my calorie intake precisely. There is no mechanism in the world that has come closest to this in counting my calories for me.
  3. It is motivating. I can collaborate with friends and keep checking my progress vis a vis them. I can even upload my progress online and on social media platforms!
  4. It monitors my sleep! I mean yes I didn’t believe I twisted and turned almost fifty times in my deepest of slumbers. It tracks if I had a good night’s sleep and for how many hours exactly I went into REM or the best quality of sleep.

I feel so set with this new contraption. I feel I am going to make it almost all the fitness milestones that I had set up for myself this year. Yay to that!