How Modern Technology is bringing Sailing to the Masses in 2018

The year 2018 sees many new things especially in the maritime industry with ship owners and liner operators, on-board operations, passenger entertainment, latest editing and data transmission apps, etc. you may think what exactly could be the new shipping trends in the year 2018 and the later ones to come? Imagine arched tops that prevent the cockpits to keep out main-sheets – this is now getting common alongside tinted glasses, spacious garages, and sophisticated features including latest gadgets and electronics for passenger entertainment.

Digital Switching: This system in boats make sure the platform is monitored on tablets or smartphones.  Several different ship powerhouses are unveiling latest trends and new constructions that boast their revamped stays & facilities, tweaked cockpits, and styled deck layouts. Last September, Jeanneaus showcased latest successors of the Phillippe Briand 440 & 490 ship designs at the Cannes. They got the audiences attention in plenty who also appreciated the new line-ups from Beneteau. However, the crowd puller was the super slim Oceanis 51.1 with its sleek design that attracted the masses. Others showcased at the Cannes included a successor of Grand Large 350 – model 360 with modified interiors and ship deck. Dufouor Yachts also unveiled the catamaran at a height of 48 feet.

With all of these pictures, frenzy, and footage out it throws a huge competition between them. Some view it as a healthy development in the making as there is now a wider choice to purchase a luxury yacht or large boat. The world’s leading ship sellers and largest ship sale brokers and advisers get buyers flocking to the shipping market. Many world-class leading luxury yachts are bought from that has a wide range of boats of all sizes to buy. All this vividly proves how the latest ship designs and style are getting to the masses in 2018.