Online Fitness Coach – Should You Hire a Virtual Trainer in 2018?

Do you want to learn a foreign language? Check for online tutors. Do you want to get a diploma degree by sitting at home? Apply for an online course. Do you want to be trained in fitness? Then, that too search for an online fitness coach. The internet has the solution to “almost” every requirement of yours.

An online trainer is someone who will guide you regarding your workout practices over the phone or through an online chat and will charge you based on each consultation. You get to discuss your fitness goals and get a to-do list prepared by your trainer, which you can do either at home or by visiting a gym and then reporting your progress back to the trainer. Check out for some new forms of exercises and fitness programs to help you manage your weight. However, the question is should you be hiring a virtual trainer for your physical fitness lessons in 2018? The best way to answer this would be by categorizing who would benefit from an online coach and who would not.

Suitable For

  • Online trainers are great for people who have their own personal gym set up in their homes and just want some basic tips.
  • It is ideal for people who do not have the time or are making excuses to walk to the gym and back home.
  • It is great for people who just need the right motivational tips and are capable of doing the rest by them.
  • Online trainers charge a good deal of fees. So, if you are ready to shell out a good amount of money, then choose a virtual trainer.
  • Online trainers can be chosen if you are looking for flexibility in your workout regime.

Not Suitable For

  • It is not for those who want to hear lectures but actually needs a personal trainer by their side telling them what to do, how it is done, and why it needs to be done.
  • Online fitness coach can be very expensive but less expensive than a personal trainer can. Hence, if you do not have the budget, then this option is definitely not for you.
  • You cannot rely on an online coach if you need someone to be held accountable for what you do.
  • You cannot approach an online coach with the hopes of getting in-person support.