Tech in the Classroom: How to Make Geography Fun

You will be surprised to know how technology can be used creatively and innovatively to make kids learn geography in the classroom.  The following ideas make the learning process enjoyable:

Weather warning apps:  Kids can be made to learn a natural disaster warning system on natural calamities like earthquake, tsunami, and hurricanes through these warning apps.  They will be able to understand different weathers in different parts of the world.

Games locating places:  There are cool educative toys like talking maps from starwalkkids.  These can be used to make the kids learn about the countries, cities, rivers, mountains etc of the world.  An added advantage is that these toys interact and can be used in games and quizzes.

Time zone:  There are apps and games which help the kid to learn about the time zones.  Various complicated concepts like Greenwichmeantime, equator etc can be made easy to understand using the app.

Virtual travel:  Kids would jump with joy and show more interest to learn when tech gadgets can be used to take them on a virtual tour.  Children learn easily and remember them clearly when they see everything as pictures/videos.  Practically it would not be possible to take the kids to Antartica.  But a virtual tour will make them learn easily about the climatic conditions and how humans and animals survive there.  Similarly, a virtual tour can be taken to view a volcano.  Virtual tours do not involve any risk associated with taking the children outdoors.  It is less costly.  Also, even concepts which the children cannot see in real life can be taught easily with the help of virtual tours.  For example, travel to the core of the earth, watching undersea world, observing stalactites and stalagmite formation, examining the layers of earth etc. are easily feasible using virtual tour concept.